Area Rug Cleaning Orange County

Area Rug Cleaning Orange County Vs Regular Carpet Cleaning

For many of us having a carpet around the house is a hustle. Therefore, it is common to find nowadays many homes that have tile and wood around the house. However, it does not take long to realize that you have not managed to dodge the carpet cleaning bullet. How is that you ask? Well, in order to find more comfort on the hard wood and tile floors, we tend to lay a rug over. Therefore, now that you have a rug, you will definitely need to call for an Area Rug Cleaning Orange County.

Area Rug Cleaning Orange County Prices.

But wait, as soon as you called for the first rug cleaning Orange County , you must have noticed that it cost more. Area rug cleaning Orange County is notorious for being a more pricey option rather than the common carpet cleaning. For that you will find many reason, however, we will emphasize and elaborate on a couple of them.

Special Area Rug Cleaning Orange County Process.

If you have a rug in your home, you probably have one of the three options for types of rugs. First, you have the synthetic rug, which acts similar to a regular carpet. In addition, you may find the wool rug. And Last but not least, the oriental rug, which mostly composed of silk. The regular synthetic rug acts the same as a regular carpet, and therefore is much cheaper to clean compared to the latter two.

However, wool and oriental rugs act very different. The wool rug and the oriental rug both have a tendency to shrink if cleaned with the wrong temperature. Moreover, the colors of the rug could fade  and smear on top of each other.

Therefore, cleaning the wool rug or the oriental rug will demand for both, using the correct method and heat. Also, the wool and oriental rug will need a special solvent that protects the color of the rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Orange County and Thickness.

You may have noticed that rugs tend to lay on the floor, while the carpet in our houses is lying on a pad. The pad is a great insulator, while it also absorbs much of the humidity of the carpet. Therefore, when you call for an Area Rug Cleaning Orange County you should look for Dr. Carpet Orange County.  The reason for that is that we use green solvents to ensure safety and protect your rug and carpet. In addition, we have the knowledge of adjusting the heat and the pressure to get the best area rug cleaning Orange County results for you. Please contact us for more information about area rug cleaning Orange County.


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