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September 12, 2017
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Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

do it yourself carpet cleaning

Do it yourself carpet cleaning project.

Many of you are very handy, so when it is time for a project at home, you are gladly jumping on it. DIY carpet cleaning, or do it yourself carpet cleaning, is not necessarily as simple as painting a wall. Yes, we agree that you can rent or buy a carpet cleaning machine. However, a portable machine with a significant power to clean your carpet is expensive. And that is not to mention a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that cost around $30,000. Therefore, what you are missing for a do it yourself carpet cleaning project is the right equipment. Even carpet cleaning products you can find at a nearby generational store. However, how would you extract the solvent out? strong solvents are more difficult to remove.

In case you have still decided to jump on the do it yourself carpet cleaning wagon.

Here we will try to take you through the basic steps of do it yourself carpet cleaning. Also, do it yourself upholstery cleaning is very similar, however demands specials tools. Upholstery cleaning also demands higher levels of expertise, therefore, consult an upholstery cleaning expert. Now, back to do it yourself carpet cleaning. First, you will need to locate a strong carpet cleaning machine, at least 200 psi. In addition, you should search for a local generational store in order to find the best carpet cleaning products. Now, lets move to the fun part, getting sweaty.


Mostly the rental carpet cleaning machines you will find do not have sufficient suction. That means that you will have to pre vacuum the entire area you plan on carpet clean. Otherwise, you will wet all the dirt which would turn into mud.


Now that you carpet is vacuumed and ready to be cleaned, apply gently the right carpet cleaning solvents on the carpet. Also, make sure that you use the correct carpet cleaning product with the corresponding stain. Scrub the carpet cleaning product into the carpet gently and you are ready.

Hot Water Extraction.

Now it is time for you to put that rental carpet cleaning machine into work. Fill up the machine with hot water, as hot as you can. Then, work your way steaming and extracting from the far end of your carpet cleaning area to the nearest area to entrance.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning repeat.

When using a lower grade carpet cleaner machine it may take a few times to repeat this process until you reach satisfaction. However, please be careful when do it yourself carpet cleaning is attempted. You carpet should only reach a certain level of dampness. Getting your carpet too wet could results in heavier dark stain appearing on your carpet. Please contact us for more information about how to do it yourself carpet cleaning and specific treatment.

do it yourself carpet cleaning

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