Pet Stain Removal Time

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Pet Stain Removal Time

pet stain removal

What should you do while trying to figure out the pet stain removal situation?

How many of you are familiar with the craziness of pet stain around the house? Pet stains are now one of the leading causes for you to call and ask for carpet cleaning for pet stain removal. The pet stain removal is normally practiced for dog urine and cat throw up. Both are very potent in odors and endanger your carpet with staining it. Moreover, any bodily fluids will be a great source for growing bacteria. Therefore, it is highly advised that you immediately approach and attend the pet stain.

Pet stain removal with an over the counter product will harm your carpet.

In addition, many of you choose the easier and cheaper route by buying an over the counter pet stain removal product. However, mainly for pet stain removal issues it is known to have the opposite effects on your carpet. The over the counter pet stain removal products tend to dye the carpet or block the stain on it. Also, the over the counter pet stain removal products leave large amount of residue which helps bacteria to grow. Therefore, we strongly advise your to contact your local carpet cleaning company for more information.

How do we approach the pet stain removal situation?

First, we would like to simplify the topic and get a clear idea at options. When talking about pet stain removal, the actual issue we focus our attention to is the bacteria. There are two main ways to clean and clear bacteria from any surface. One would be bleach, and the other is called an enzyme. Obviously you can imagine that bleach would not be a good idea, and would discolor your carpet. Therefore, an enzyme would be the right choice to eliminate bacteria and help with the pet stain removal.

Using the right compound for pet stain removal with bacteria.

The enzyme in its pure form is slightly expensive. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find carpet cleaning companies whom dilute the enzyme in order to save money. However, while the enzyme is not in full force, it is very hard to completely remove the pet stain and the odor. Moreover, using the wrong carpet cleaning product on the pet stain will also make it tougher for removal as mentioned before. Therefore, we use our enzyme compound in its pure form in order to give you the best carpet cleaning results with your pet stain removal needs. Please contact us for more information about pet stain removal and availability.

How to treat your pet stain for less?

Here you will find a variety of carpet cleaning services and specials that we offer our customers. We understand that you would like to save money yet still get the best job done. Therefore, we offer the best value for carpet cleaning solutions in Orange County. In addition, with over 10 years of carpet cleaning experience, we know how to approach each situation with the right care. In many cases the first attempt will be the one dictating the success of the carpet cleaning job. We all love pets and we would like to keep them around. Please make the living environment clean and safe for both the pets and the humans in the house.

pet stain removal

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