New Carpet Installation For Less

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June 15, 2018
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October 23, 2018

New Carpet Installation For Less

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When its time for a new carpet at home or in your office

Serving Orange County for many years with our top rated carpet cleaning service has offered us new opportunities. We had found over the years many homes and commercial spaces with the need for a new carpet. Yes, even Dr. Carpet can not solve all the stains and issues with your carpet. Therefore, we now offer a new carpet installation service to residential homes and commercial buildings.

Why choose Dr. Carpet for your next carpet installation?

We can find a variety of reasons for you to choose us for your next carpet installation, however, the main reason that always sums it all up is the bottom line price.
Dr. Carpet is your direct connection to wholesale carpet prices and the best quality carpet. We gladly offer the service of purchasing the carpet, delivering it to your location, and then of course, installing it.

In addition, when installing a new carpet, there is a need to remove the previous carpet and haul it away to an approved dumpster. We also offer this service, so you really get a low package price on carpet installation from start to finish.

Same quality for carpet cleaning and carpet installation

Many of you reading this article are already familair with our carpet cleaning service in Orange County. With well over a decade of happy customers, we strive to improve every day and enrich our knowledge in order to service you better.
Same goes for our carpet installation. We offer the top quality carpet and pad to our customers. We know which carpet we like to work on the best for cleaning purposes, and these carpets will provide your the best experience over the years.

Therefore, contact Dr. Carpet for more information about our carpet installation service, or for any of your carpet cleaning needs.

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