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Stone Polishing

stone polishing

Professional Stone Polishing

The warm weather of southern California has made an impact on many homes decor around Orange County. In addition, the constant search for a better looking home has evolved the typical carpet to high end tile floors in the main living areas. Therefore, stone floors are very common in Orange County as they cool of the temprature of the home, while also making the cleaning maintenance much easier.

However, cleaning the stone floors periodically is vital in order to keep the shine and the prestige look of the tiles. Stone polishing is needed once every few years if you wish to restore the new and shining look to your floor.
Also, part of the stone polishing service is finding and repairing any cracks in the stone tiles. Especially in travertine floors over time cracks and holes are emerging, which makes the floor appear damaged.
Therefore, stone polishing will bring the bright and shine look to your floor as if they were brand new.

Stone Polishing When Selling Your Home

A high percentage of our stone polishing customers request the service due to puting their home for sale in the market. The new polished floor gives the potential buyer the feel that the home is well maintained. Also, the potential buyer will take under consideration the overall condition of the home while making an offer. Over the years we have seen great success with stone polishing before selling a home on the market.
We work with management companies and real estate agents on all rental properties and properties for sale in order to add value to the real estate.

Tile cleaning and stone polishing are services that start at a price of $1/square foot. In order to get a free quote please contact Dr. Carpet for immediate assitance.

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