Emergency Water Damage Service

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February 12, 2019
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Emergency Water Damage Service

emergency water damage service

We Offer Emergency Water Damage Service in Orange County

In the past couple of weeks we got a peak in emergency water damage service calls. Yes, as you can probably imagine the excess amount of rain has caused some water damage and floods in many properties in Orange County. However, we are geared up and ready to get wet for you when you find yourself under water.

One of the emergency water damage service calls were in Laguna Niguel, California. When we arrived to the scene, we first tried to locate the source of the issue. Moreover, previous experience have shown us that if source of problem is not solved, flood could happen again.

Emergency Water Damage Service in Laguna Niguel

After questioning the resident of the home some questions that would lead us to the problem, we may have narrowed down the options. We discovered that the mutual wall with the neighbor might be the cause for this flood. Our customer claimed the heavy rained has caused a flood in his back yard. Therefore, the water have penetrated and sunk into the mutual wall and to our customer’s carpet.

Fast Response is Key

Thankfully, we came out fast enough to save our customer’s carpet. After lifting up the carpet and placing 3 blowers around the master suit, we left the carpet to completely dry for a couple of more days. Then we came back to finish repairing the carpet and disinfect it with our steam cleaning and special water damage formula. It is very important to treat the carpet with an anti bacterial due to mold and meldew that can easily grow from the flood.

If you are having a flood in your home we strongly recommend to call an emergency water damage service to contain the problem. Saving the carpet and maybe even the pad could save you money. While also having blowers right away could help ventilate and dry the walls inside as well.

For more information about our emergency water damage service please contact Dr. Carpet.

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