Eco green carpet cleaning service

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Eco green carpet cleaning service

eco green carpet cleaning

What is eco green carpet cleaning?

eco green carpet cleaning products are made from only organic components. In addition, they have natural ingredient that created specialy for allergenice human being and animals.

for all of people that are looking for an eco green biodegradable carpe cleaning products, we definitely stand up for that service. Our eco green carpet cleaning products are complitly safe around children and pets and perfect for those who suffers from allergies.

The benefits of eco green carpet cleaning pruducts

first, all eco green carpet cleaning products are safe to use around people. Even better, for people with allergies, have sneezes, leaking nose, red eyes and more its a great solution. Moverover, people often suffer from those symptoms from cemicals that you can find in every regular cleaning product. For these type of allergy symptoms its best to use biodegradable eco green prudcts. .

Lets talk about our loved ones’ health. None of us want to get our damily and friends into an envoierment with toxic chemicals around. However, when using over the counter cleaning products, you are more than likely choosing cleaning products with a certain toxic level. When using none green product, like a shampoo for cleaning the carpet, the chemicals spsread in the air and linger on the carpet. So, we definitely do not want to breath it ourselfs and we sure do not want that our family and friend would breath it either. That is why it is always important to look for the company who offers eco green carpet cleaning services.  Whether it for usage on your carpet, uphosltery cleaning, air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning etc.

How do the eco green carpet cleaning work?

for every carpet or uphlostrey you wish to clean, Dr. Carpet Newport Beach technicians will use environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products.

This is how it works:

First, we shampoo the whole carpet with green shampoo. In case necessary, we specifically address different stains with the corresponding eco green carpet cleaning products. Then, we go over with the wand, shooting steam at 230 degrees on the carpet while sucking out all the residue out. The residue is the remains of the steam mixed with dirt and cleaning prodcuts. That would leave your carpet cleam, fresh and sanitized.

For more information about our eco green carpet cleaning services, please contact Dr. Carpet for avilablility.


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